Animal Gas Solventless Pod

Solventless - Pods
THC 73.46

Animal Gas Live Rosin in a Disposable Solventless Pod. Our solventless rosin pods are disposable half gram vape pods filled with mixed micron live rosin (70-179u). They come fully charged and ready to use, right out of the package. We only use undiluted pure live rosin in our pods. Absolutely no added terpenes, vegetable glycerin, or any other undesirable adulterants. We ensure medical grade materials are used, with no heavy metals leaching into the rosin. Never store your pod in a hot car, it should be stored in a temperature control room (60-70°) or a refrigerator.

Animal Gas; Chem 91 X Animal Cookies #1 is a complex hybrid. Animal Cookies is a powerful strain that brings together Fire OG with Girl Scout Cookies. This strain has heavy sweet, sour and musky aromas, like a dank wet dog. Chem 91 is a mysterious descendant of Chem Dawg. Nobody knows the actual genetics of Chem 91. Together with Animal Cookies, this is a unique and potent hybrid strain that will give you a brain and body high. Both of these strains are known for their potent effects.