Chilled Cherries x Super Boof

Solventless - Dry Cure Mixed Spec
THC 71.27%
Test Results

Chilled Cherries x Super Boof Dry Cure Mix Spec (70-179u) in a Cold Cure Batter. Mammoth’s rosin batter is a soft, doughy consistency that is made with no additional heat whatsoever. While waxes or normal rosin may get hard and crumbly, this batter is known for its easy to dab nature and high terpene content. Ranging in texture from pudding-like, to a wet dough, each batch is as unique as the strain it was made from.

Chilled Cherries, from Relentless Genetics, is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that has gained immense popularity for its exceptional combination of flavors and effects. The strain is a cross of Sunset Sherbet x Cherry Cookie Bx1. Chilled Cherries has an enticing aroma that combines the sweet notes of black cherries with a strong gas and sour skunk funk. It delivers a burst of fruity flavors that linger on your palate, reminiscent of a bowl of ripe cherries. Chilled Cherries is known for its calming effects – hence the name “Chill.”

Super Boof is an evenly balanced hybrid strain, created by crossing the potent Black Cherry Punch x Tropicana Cookies. This strain brings on both hard-hitting cerebral and body effects, with a potency level that’s almost unmatched by any of its peers. You’ll feel the cerebral effects hit first, filling your mind with a lifted sense of focus and creativity, followed by a sense of physical relaxation. Super Boof has a sweet and fruity cherry-berry flavor, accompanied by a nutty and sour-citrus aroma.