Dosi-Trop Live Solventless Pod v2 0.5g

Solventless - Pods
THC 71.31%
Test Results

Dosi-Trop: Dosi-Trop is a cross of Dosidos and Trop Cherry. It’s a heavy indica strain that will absolutely help you unwind at the end of a long day. The aroma of the Dosi-Trop is a floral sour citrus, with a hint of chicken grease as the kicker. However, the flavor changes and develops into a cross of sour-cherry candies and creamsicles, accompanied by a bit of gas.

Dosi-Trop Live Mix Spec (70u-179u) Rosin in a V2 Disposable Pod. Our disposable solventless rosin pods come fully charged and ready to use, right out of the package. We only use undiluted pure rosin. Absolutely no added terpenes, vegetable glycerin, or any other adulterants. These unique pods are very low temp and completely wickless, eliminating any burnt taste that can occur in other vapes. We ensure medical grade materials are used, with no heavy metals leaching into the rosin. Our pods should be stored in a temperature controlled room (60-70 F). For best results keep pod charged with USB-C cable.