Pre-Nup x Scooby Snacks Batter

Solventless - Live Mixed Spec
THC 76.57%
Test Results

Pre-Nup x Scooby Snacks Live Mixed Spectrum (70-179u) in a Cold Cure Batter.

Pre-Nup by Dark Horse Genetics, is a cross of Mac x Wedding Cake. This phenotype is definitely Mac heavy. While she’s not the biggest dumper during the wash, what she does put out is very unique. Her terps are hard to track down, but they’re almost like hard ginger candies.

Scooby Snacks is a hybrid that crosses Platinum Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG. Its dense purple buds are full of piney OG Kush flavor and a sweet aftertaste. Don’t underestimate the potency of Scooby Snacks! The combination of popular West Coast genetics brings on stimulating cerebral effects that weigh heavy on your eyes and slowly relax the body.