White Rainbow

- Flower
Flower - Sativa Dominant
THC 23.65%
Test Results

White Rainbow Premium Flower in Pre-Packaged Eighths. Our Premium Flower Eighths are filled with the freshest batch of perfectly cured, hand-trimmed flower.

White Rainbow is an expertly curated cross of two genetic titans; Fish Scale crossed with Apples and Bananas, both bred by Compound Genetics. White Rainbow buds are large beautiful buds that are a mosaic of purple hues, orange pistils, and white sticky trichomes. The aroma of the flower is very fruit and gassy, with some pepper. This translates very similarly when smoked. The smoke is a combination of savory apple, spice, and a nice fuel aftertaste that lingers on the tongue. The high is very cerebral in nature, but is also accompanied by a relaxing body high.