Wicked Chem x Glue Cheese Coin

Solventless - Live Mixed Spec
THC 71.77%
Test Results

Wicked Chem x Glue Cheese Live Mixed Spectrum (70-179u) in a fresh pressed coin.

Wicked Chem Live Rosin Premium Spectrum (90-119u 1st Pull) in a Cold Cured Badder. Wicked Chem; Chem 91 X Animal Cookies #1 is a complex hybrid. Animal Cookies is a powerful strain that brings together Fire OG with Girl Scout Cookies. This strain has heavy sweet, sour and musky aromas, like a dank wet dog. Chem 91 is a mysterious descendant of Chem Dawg. Nobody knows the actual genetics of Chem 91. Together with Animal Cookies, this is a unique and potent hybrid strain that will give you a brain and body high. Both of these strains are known for their potent effects.

Glue Cheese is bred by GG Strains, and is a cross of GG4 x Cheese. The first two pictures show the rosin in a freshly pressed consistency, the second two in a fully cured consistency. This strain has strong notes of cheese with undertones of fruit.