Live Rosin

Solventless extract that is made with flower that is frozen while it is still fresh, immediately after it was taken off of a live plant.

Dry Cure Rosin

Solventless extract that is made with flower that is frozen after it was dried and cured, usually sometime after the plant was cut down and harvested.


90u 1st Pull

$100 Gram/$50 Half Gram


This is rosin made with only 90u Trichomes. The 90u micron trichrome is considered to be the most premium trichrome; perfect for pressing with the thinnest membrane and large amounts of terps and THCA inside. Think of it like a swelled out water balloon just moments away from bursting. The 90u trichome heads in this grade of rosin are only taken from the first wash cycle (or pull if you prefer) of the fresh frozen material. This ensures that the hash is the cleanest it could possibly be, as the same material is normally washed about 4 or 5 times before the process is considered finished.

Mixed Micron


$80 Live Rosin

$60 Dry Cure Rosin

This is rosin made from a mixed spectrum of different sized trichome heads, ranging from 70u-179u. It contains the widest variety of cannabinoids while having nearly the same amount of THCA as 90u 1st pull rosin. This grade of rosin is made with material that has been thoroughly washed, possibly up to 3-5 times. This grade of rosin we make using either fresh frozen material or dried and cured material.

2nd Press


$60 Live Batter


After the initial rosin is squeezed from the bags, there is a tiny bit of residual juice just waiting to be pressed out. This is where the second press goes down. This rosin is extremely potent and flavorful for the value. It may not have the “jar appeal” of the 1st Press Rosin but do not let this fool you. Some of these batches are easily terpy enough to trick a new-timer into believing it is a 1st Press!

THCA Diamonds

$100 Gram

THCA is THC acid, the precursor to THC. THCA diamonds are characterized by their shimmering crystalline appearance. Once THC is reduced to its purest state, that is when crystallization occurs, creating a substance that shines like no other and is truly the purest and most potent form of THC. Mammoth’s THCA DIAMONDS are made via mechanical separation, using only heat and pressure, without the presence of any solvents. This product is not intended for new consumers and is best enjoyed by concentrate fans who desire to experience a new potency level. Crystalline THC can only be activated by a process called decarboxylation (fancy science talk for “adding heat to it”), so ingesting this substance will yield no effect.



When making our Untouched Rosin we refrain from handling it as much as possible during the entire process, ensuring that it keeps its natural form just as intended. Right after the rosin is pressed, it is placed in the fridge and shattered into little glass-like shards. It is then packaged and sealed, all this happening within the same day. This consistency can only be found in our 90u 1 st Pull Rosin products.


Our rosin batter is a soft, doughy consistency that is made with no additional heat whatsoever. While waxes or normal rosin may get hard and crumbly, this batter is known for its easy to dab nature and high terpene content. Ranging in texture from pudding-like, to a wet dough, each batch is as unique as the strain it was made from.


Our Rosin Coins are made similar to how we make our Untouched Rosin in the sense that it is all done within the same day. However, instead of glass-like shards placed in each jar, we take every gram of rosin and carefully form them into round, circular coins. This gives us the ability to make every gram look exactly the same with flawless consistency.


How to store?

When purchasing and storing your solventless concentrate, preserving freshness and terpenes is always something one should be aware of. If your solventless is cured we recommend immediately placing it in the fridge to preserve terpenes and flavor. If your solventless looks freshly pressed we recommend leaving it out at room temperature CAPPED until it reaches your preference of consistency, THEN place it in a fridge.

How do i know if it is quality?

When looking to buy premium quality rosin the main factors are color and smell. Quality rosin when cured will always be a lighter color from white to khaki to a cream. Anything that is a darker color whether it is black, brown, or dirty green indicates that is poor quality. So if it’s light its right. Smell is pretty straight-forward, it should have a pungent smell. If it smells like nothing or a dirt like earthy wax smell, good chance it’s no good.

Dab temps?

When dabbing any of our Rosin products, we recommend a temperature of about 570°F. For Full Melt, a slightly lower temperature of about 540°F. We highly advise against taking dabs that are over 620°F. Temperatures may vary when using electronic smoking devices. When using the new PuffCo Peak Pro we recommend a temperature of about 505°F.

What should I use to dab?

When going in on any solventless concentrate one needs a smoking device of some kind. The most common are glass dab rigs which are essentially bongs made specifically for smoking concentrate. Whenever you use a glass rig you will also need a quartz nail and propane torch to vaporize and inhale the concentrate. There are also electronic devices that are more convenient that eliminate the need for a quartz nail and propane torch.