Dosi-Trop Batter

Solventless - Live Mixed Spec
THC 65.71%
Test Results

Dosi-Tropn Live Mixed Spectrum (70-179u) in a Cold Cure Batter. Our rosin batter is a soft, doughy consistency that is made with no additional heat whatsoever. While waxes or normal rosin may get hard and crumbly, this batter is known for its easy to dab nature and high terpene content. Ranging in texture from pudding-like, to a wet dough, each batch is as unique as the strain it was made from.

Dosi-Trop is a cross of Dosidos and Trop Cherry. It’s a heavy indica strain that will absolutely help you unwind at the end of a long day. The aroma of the Dosi-Trop is a floral sour citrus, with a hint of chicken grease as the kicker. However, the flavor changes and develops into a cross of sour-cherry candies and creamsicles, accompanied by a bit of gas.