Wicked Chem x Animal Gas Untouched

Solventless - Live 90U 1st Pull
THC 71.85%
Test Results

Animal Gas: Chem Dog 91 x Animal Cookies #1 Live Rosin (90-119u 1st Pull) in untouched shards. The 90u micron trichrome is considered to be the most premium trichrome; perfect for pressing with the thinnest membrane and large amounts of terps and THCA inside. Picture it as a swelled out water balloon just moments away from bursting. Right after the rosin is pressed, it is placed in the fridge and shattered into little glass-like shards. It is then packaged and sealed, all this happening within the same day. During this process we refrain from handling the rosin as much as possible, ensuring it keeps its natural form just as it was intended. These 90u trichome heads were only taken from the first wash cycle (or pull if you prefer) of the ice hash. This strain was breed by Seed Junky and selected by us. The first pictures shows the rosin in a freshly pressed consistency, the second in a fully cured consistency. This particular pheno is more Animal Cookies dominant. Chem crosses and Cookies crosses often dump hash and this pheno is no exception!