Glue Cheese 2nd Press

Solventless - Live 2nd Press
THC 68.84%
Test Results

Glue Cheese Live Mixed Spectrum (70-179u) in a Cold Cure Batter. After the initial rosin is squeezed from the bags, there is a tiny bit of residual juice just waiting to be pressed out. This is where the second press goes down. This rosin is extremely potent and flavorful for the value. It may not have the “jar appeal” of the 1st Press Rosin but do not let this fool you. Some of these batches are easily terpy enough to convince a new-timer into believing it is a 1st Press! 

This cultivar is bred by GG Strains, and is a cross of GG4 x Cheese. This strain has strong notes of cheese with undertones of fruit.